Donald Trump Nothin' But Toys For My 'S***hole President'

2/26/2018 5:20 PM PST

Donald Trump 'S***hole President' Toys Might Be a Thing Soon


Donald Trump's s***hole comment could be coming back to haunt him in a big/little way ... toys!

A Florida-based graphic designer named Gaynor Evans-Wilson just filed a trademark application in hopes of locking down "S***hole President" with an eye for playthings and figurines. She's also got a specific image picked out for her mini Trump, pursed lips and all.

There's already a website featuring Evans-Wilson's Trump doll design, where it says you can purchase one now. It's weird though ... it doesn't seem like you actually get to a checkout page just yet. Maybe they're waiting for the trademark to fully go through. 

Either way ... the campaign is clearly anti-Trump, calling his remark about African countries racist. Nothin' proves a point like capitalizing on BS, we guess.