Kim Kardashian Chicago's Totally Mommy's Lil Girl ... First Pic of Baby's Face

2/26/2018 2:12 PM PST

Kim Kardashian Posts Pic, Reveals Chicago's Face for First Time

Kim Kardashian's revealing her baby girl's face for the first time ... and the Kardashian genes are STRONG with this one.

Kim posted the shot of Chicago West on Monday, and, in true family tradition, she's rocking a face filter for mom's IG story. The little girl is truly the spitting image of Kim ... especially in the eyes.

Chi, who was born on Jan. 15, has only been seen a couple of times before -- once swaddled in Aunt Kylie's arms, and another time in her stroller -- but this is the first time we're really getting to see her.

Say what ya want about Kanye West and Kim ... but this couple does NOT strike out when it comes to making good-looking kids.