Too Short Racy Texts from Rape Accuser Prove She's Lying, We Were Dating

3/7/2018 2:14 PM PST

Too Short Says Rape Accuser's Texts Prove She's Lying, They Were Dating


Too Short's firing back at his rape accuser by revealing explicit text messages he says prove she "sexually pursued him," they were dating and there was no rape ... TMZ has learned.

The rapper's attorneys filed docs Wednesday, claiming text messages from Teana Louis -- who's suing Short for sexual battery -- show they had a hot and heavy, consensual relationship. The salacious texts, in the docs obtained by TMZ, include Teana telling Short she loves him and calling herself his wife.

In another she refers to his "big penis" and the fact she could see it through his pants. The most suggestive one reads, "Baby I wish you were here right now, just talking to u on the phone makes me wet."

Too Short's high-profile lawyers, Rob Reichman and Sean Macias, say Teana has no evidence to back her claim of sexual assault, and she filed the suit purely to harass their client. They say if she insists on continuing, they'll go after her legally for filing a frivolous suit.

We broke the story ... Teana sued the rapper for allegedly sexually assaulting her multiple times between June and October 2016. Too Short told us the allegations were an extortion attempt ... which led to her refiling and tacking on a defamation claim, too.