O.J. Simpson Cuts to the Chase

3/11/2018 1:00 AM PST

O.J. Simpson Talks About Slow-Speed Bronco Chase After Murders


O.J. Simpson talked about the slow-speed Bronco chase as if it was a victory for him, because judging from public opinion on the streets -- literally -- all he saw was support.

Simpson told his story to Judith Regan years ago, and it's now the centerpiece of the FOX special based on the book, 'If I Did It.'  

This clip is predictably gross ... Simpson, a supreme narcissist, allegedly was contemplating suicide, but when you hear him talk he was reveling in the show of support from people who somehow thought it was a good idea to cheer him on as he drove on the 405. 

It's almost like he was taking a poll ... whether people were buying what the media had been telling them all week long -- with blood going from the bodies to his bathroom at Rockingham, and a cut finger that matched a knife wound -- he was guilty as hell.

The show airs tonight on FOX at 8 PM.