Soledad O'Brien O.J. Accomplice 'Charlie' = O.J.? IF He Did It?

3/9/2018 1:23 PM PST

Soledad O'Brien Says O.J. Simpson's Murder 'Confession' Special is So Bizarre


O.J. Simpson never took the stand in his trial of the century, but his upcoming TV special is as close as you're gonna get to that ... according to Soledad O’Brien who's hosting it.

Soledad tells us 'The Lost Confession?' is the most bizarre 2 hours of TV she's ever worked on for a bunch of reasons. For starters, she says Simpson's mannerisms are suspect. We know ... understatement, but in particular, she was struck by the timing of his laughter.

Also, Soledad's stumped by Simpson's description of an accomplice named "Charlie." She points out investigators had zero knowledge of such a person -- but she's got a few theories.

We also told you about O.J.'s lawyer calling Judith Regan, the woman who published his book, 'If I Did It,' and straight-up said Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman ... this according to Regan herself.

That clip, however, is an outtake and won't make it on Sunday's show.