Stormy Daniels This Magic Moment No, Not That (Alleged) One

3/11/2018 1:45 PM PDT

Stormy Daniels Grossed Out By Magician's Lime-in-Arm Trick


You'd think it'd take a lot to gross out Stormy Daniels by now -- but a good ol' fashioned lime-in-the-arm parlor trick can still ... well, get under her skin.

The porn star made an appearance Thursday night at Thee Dollhouse strip club in Myrtle Beach, where a magician named Carl Michael offered to do a quick 1-on-1 show for President Trump's alleged former mistress.

His first feat is a card trick -- nothing too crazy, as you can tell by how unimpressed Stormy is with it. Then he gets into the grand finale ... shoving a lime into his forearm.

Cover your eyes for this one, 'cause it's kinda gnarly ... or don't.