Rick and Kathy Hilton Prenup for Paris???

3/24/2018 6:51 AM PDT

Rick and Kathy Hilton, Prenup for Paris???


Rick and Kathy Hilton are almost always interesting ... and they did not disappoint Friday night when we asked them about prenups and soon-to-be-married Paris.

We got Paris' mom and dad in Bev Hills at Mr. Chow, and raised the prenup issue with Rick. Our photog didn't ask specifically about Paris ... rather, he asked if Prince Harry should get a prenup and Rick clearly thinks he should. The principle he raises would seem to apply to Paris.

Our photog was more direct with Kathy, who didn't seem to know much about prenuptial agreements. When it registered, she was solidly against it.

Paris is insanely wealthy, and we're guessing daddy's view will prevail.