Parkland Leader David Hogg Wanna Get Political? Join My Club!

4/6/2018 10:00 PM PDT

Parkland Leader David Hogg Launching Nationwide Political Activism Club


David Hogg's ready for another major rally -- getting students nationwide to sign up for his political activism club.

We're told David and the March for Our Lives leaders will be launching a new platform for students to create school clubs and engage them in political activism. Here's how it'll go down -- students will be able to go on the MFOL's website and create a club for their school anywhere in the good ol' US of A.

From there ... students get support and help with:

-- Letter-writing campaigns to lawmakers

-- Hosting town halls

-- Planning future marches (like March for Our Lives)

-- Starting voter registration drives 

-- Supporting candidates who support the MFOL mission (either Democrat or Republican)

-- Helping students get on campaign trails 

It should be noted ... the club is nonpartisan. The goal's to give students the resources they need to get politically active and make it easy for them to become engaged.