David Hogg Forget the UCs ... Come to New Mexico State, It's On Us!

4/3/2018 12:50 AM PDT

David Hogg Accepted at New Mexico State University


David Hogg might not be good enough for the University of California -- despite his activism -- but he's now got something in his back pocket ... a possible full ride in New Mexico!

TMZ has obtained an acceptance letter from the Dean of the Honors College at New Mexico State University. Dr. Miriam S. Chaiken was pleased to inform Hogg he was welcome at the campus ... and so are all the other Parkland student leaders.

In the letter, Chaiken says she's been inspired by the work David and his fellow students were doing in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shootings ... taking to the streets and demanding new gun control laws.

She writes, "Please tell David, Emma (Gonzalez), and any other of your student leaders, that they are welcome at the William Conroy Honors College and at New Mexico State University." Chaiken goes on ... "I can assure them that they will be admitted to our university, and I will personally make it my commitment to raise as much funding as I can to support them with scholarships."

Sounds like a full ride for Hogg and co. Then again, the specifics are a little vague. 

He's also got at least three other options on the table to consider. Always nice to have a safety school.