James Toback D.A. Rejects 5 Sexual Misconduct Cases

4/9/2018 12:06 PM PDT

James Toback, D.A. Rejects 5 Sexual Misconduct Cases


Director James Toback is in the clear after the L.A. County District Attorney rejected all 5 cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct ... TMZ has learned.

Toback was accused by dozens of women of sexual misdeeds, ranging from sexual harassment to sexual assault. They claimed he promised them movie roles and then engaged in classic casting couch behavior after taking women back to hotel rooms, movie trailers, even a public park.

The D.A. has rejected 5 cases that were submitted by police, concluding most were outside the statute of limitations. 

There's one case that could cause Toback future problems ... the woman claimed Toback rubbed his groin on her leg until he ejaculated. The D.A. says the woman refused to cooperate, but if she changes her mind and works with them they could reopen the case.