Joey Bada$$ When I Go Platinum ... My Fans Go Platinum, Too!

4/20/2018 6:43 AM PDT

Joey Bada$$ Presents Fan With Platinum Plaque


Joey Bada$$ did his best to bring a fan who'd recently gone through tough times some happiness by presenting him with a platinum plaque.

JB was in NYC Thursday night for the second stop of his Amerikkkana Tour at Terminal 5. Near the end of the show, Joey brought a fan named Juan onto the stage, and everyone in the crowd started cheering his name. 

Joey told his loyal fans audience that Juan had recently been going through some "devastating" times, and presented him with a platinum record for Joey's hit single, "Devastated" ... a song that's all about overcoming challenges in life.

The crowd erupted in cheers and Juan was taken backstage for a killer view of the rest of Joey's show. Some artists go a whole career without going platinum, so it's a cool gesture for Joey to hand one over to a fan.