Eric Bellinger Even My Goats Keep it Gucci!! (Yes, We Said Goats)

4/27/2018 9:16 AM PDT

Eric Bellinger's Pet Goats Butt Heads While Wearing Gucci


Singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger just outdid everyone who dresses their kid in designer duds by dressing up his pet goats in Gucci ... horn-to-toe!

Eric, who's written hits for Usher, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, was on his way to the Gucci store Thursday when we spotted him on Rodeo Drive. He told us he was taking his pets because Gucci staffers didn't believe he had 2 goats that needed t-shirt fittings -- $1800 worth at that!

Gucci tees start around $480, which means even his goats won't wear entry level Gucci. Eric topped off the outfits with multi-colored tape on their horns to match the tees, of course.

It gets even more unbelievable when Bellinger, a yoga enthusiast, starts talking about WHY he has a pair of goats in the first place. Dude's clearly an animal lover.