Kanye West Slammed for Trump Support by Chicago Official ... Take off the MAGA Hat!!!

4/29/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Kanye West's Support of Trump is Hurtful to Chicago, Says City Alderman


Kanye West has upset Chicago, but if he really wants to help the city, he can start by calling out President Trump instead of being his pal ... so says one city official.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, Chicago's 35th Ward Alderman, tells TMZ his people are extremely disappointed in the rapper, and although they've always had his back ... they can't defend his support of Trump.

Ramirez-Rosa calls Kanye's recent public support of Trump "reprehensible" ... and blasts him for supporting a Prez who he feels has brought a lot of harm upon people of color.

The Alderman says Kanye can make it up to them, though ... by meeting face-to-face with people in his city who are being hurt by Trump and reconnecting with his hometown.

We broke the story -- Kanye's planning to launch an organization called Donda Social to help hundreds of thousands of struggling Chicago residents ... so it looks like he's going to take Carlos up on that.