Tekashi69 Headphones Deal was Fake ... P.S. Kanye is My Pupil

5/4/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Tekashi69 Says Headphones Deal was Fake, Kanye's Learning From Him


5/4 4:20 PM PT -- A rep for TUNES tells us Tekashi is full of it ... they reached a deal, and anything he's denying is a flat-out lie.

Tekashi69 isn't sweating losing a $5 million headphones deal ... because he says it never existed in the first place. Oh, and he thinks Kanye West is learning from him.

We got the "Gotti" rapper leaving a Chipotle in L.A. Thursday and asked him about the headphones company bailing on him ... but he tells us we got it all wrong. 6ix9ine claims he never spoke with anyone at TUNES Audio -- his name was just used for publicity. But ... he ain't mad.

The rapper also refutes being barred from the Barclays Center, but we double checked ... we're told he definitely won't be performing there June 8 due to an investigation of a shooting connected to his manager.

Finally, Tekashi69 gives us his thoughts on Kanye. He says he and Ye are on the same page -- when it comes to trolling ... and Kanye even learned a thing or 2 from him.