Beyonce Hair Stuck in Bike Totally Fake News!!

5/7/2018 11:11 AM PDT

Beyonce's Hair Didn't Get Stuck in SoulCycle Bike


Beyonce was not left shaking after her hair got stuck in a SoulCycle bike ... because IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Our sources say a story floating around that Bey's weave got tangled up in a bike back in February at the L.A. studio -- requiring staff to untangle her -- is a figment of someone's imagination. The story went on to say Bey had long braids at the time and she was so into the workout that the weave got caught in the wheel and she panicked.

Kind of hilarious and probably why Amy Schumer wrote a similar scene in her latest movie, "I Feel Pretty." But, bottom line ... it just ain't true.

What IS true is this -- Bey's hair getting stuck in a fan back in July 2013 during The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour at the Montreal Bell Centre. Ouch.