Marco Rubio Blocking Black Grads from Celebrating Onstage ... Such a Bad Look for My Alma Mater!!!

5/7/2018 3:01 PM PDT

Marco Rubio Says Univ. of Florida Screwed Black Grads During Ceremony


Marco Rubio can only shake his head after the Univ. of Florida made headlines for shoving black grads off the stage when they tried to celebrate -- and says his alma mater needs some cultural schooling.

We got the Florida Senator in D.C. and asked him about the debacle that went down Friday after several black grads were pushed by an "inappropriately aggressive" marshal during the ceremony.

Some students danced while others tried to flash their fraternity and sorority signs before the marshal violently intervened ... prompting spectators and social media to accuse the marshal of racism.

Rubio says, whatever the case, this much is clear ... it was a baaaaaad look.