Harvey Weinstein Dated Rape Accuser for 10 Years ... Says His Attorney

5/29/2018 1:32 PM PDT

Lawyer Says Harvey Weinstein Had 10-Year Consensual Relationship with Accuser

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The woman alleging Harvey Weinstein repeatedly raped her in 2013 had a consensual sexual relationship with him for 10 years ... according to Weinstein's attorney.

Ben Brafman met with prosecutors and the judge Tuesday, and afterward said he was baffled by the charges because the unnamed accuser carried on her relationship with Weinstein before and after the alleged rape in a hotel room.

He also expressed concern about the indictment against Weinstein ... claiming prosecutors had bowed to immense public pressure. Brafman added that all the publicity about the case could sway potential jurors.

Weinstein surrendered to NYPD last week and was booked for rape, criminal sex acts, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. As we reported, the charges stem not only from the alleged 2013 rapes, but also Lucia Evans' claim Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex in 2004.