Meek Mill Judge Brinkley Stays on His Case No New Trial Yet, Either

5/30/2018 7:21 AM PDT

Meek Mill Denied Judge Transfer in Criminal Case, Brinkley Stays On

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9:20 AM PT -- Meek's attorney, Joe Tacopina, tells us they will take their argument to the Pennsylvania Supreme court to try to get the case reassigned.Meek Mill got some bad news in court Wednesday morning ... the judge who's been a thorn in his side is officially staying on his criminal case.

A separate state court judge in Philly denied Meek's bid to strip his pending case away from Judge Genece Brinkley, saying he couldn't overrule another judge of equal standing and adding "I wear the same robe as she does."

It's interesting though -- Meek's legal team presented a new argument in court by alleging that Brinkley had claimed in a civil lawsuit that she'd suffered a head injury ... and was disabled and incapacitated. The suit is from an accident in 2016 that Brinkley was in -- with the judge suing a woman who was also allegedly involved. She claims she suffered "severe head trauma."

As we reported ... Meek has been clamoring for a new judge and a new trial since getting released from prison last month. Looks like neither is happening for now.