Lil Pump Charlie Sheen's My New Homie ... Bust Down Watch Included!

6/7/2018 7:57 AM PDT

Lil Pump Recruits Charlie Sheen for Music Vid, Bust Down Watch Included

Lil Pump is handing out bust down watches like the Cavaliers are handing over games to the Warriors ... and the latest guy to get one is Charlie Sheen.

Pump recruited Sheen for his latest music video shoot and while the pairing might seem random, it's actually not once you consider it's for a song called "Drug Addict." 

Sheen's struggle with drugs has not exactly flown under the radar, but from the looks of the footage on the set, Sheen is looking great. Here's a scary thought though ... he's playing a doctor.

Pump courted Sheen for the video with a ton of cash a couple weeks ago. Unclear if Pump actually forked over the dough for the cameo along with the flashy timepiece.

As for the watch ... it's covered in diamonds, just like the ones Pump gifted to his crew last month.