Cesar Millan Get a Dog, Trump!!! It'll Soften Your Image, Immigration Policy

6/19/2018 1:49 PM PDT

Cesar Millan Says Trump Needs a Dog to Soften His Immigration Policy and Image


Cesar Millan's sad about what's happening in America -- with immigrant families being torn apart -- but believes there could be a way to fix it ... get President Trump a dog!!

We got the famed pup whisperer at LAX Tuesday, and he went to bat for all of the immigrants in the U.S. ... pointing out how he "jumped the border" himself years ago, and is now a tax-paying citizen who contributes to the country.

His message to the Prez doesn't stop there, because he suggests a canine companion is what Trump needs to soften his spirit, become more human ... and stop separating kids from their parents.

As for what kind of dog he thinks Trump should get -- Cesar's had a breed in mind for the job, and he's sticking with it.