Pusha T & Manager Go All In on Salt & Pepper Ferraris

6/26/2018 9:52 AM PDT

Pusha T and His Manager Buy $300k Ferraris in Black and White


Pusha T and his manager went with a salt and pepper theme -- or maybe ebony and ivory -- for their brand new whips ... but either way, they're looking dope.

The rapper bought a white 2018 488 Spider at Ferrari of Central New Jersey Monday, while his manager, Steven Victor, opted for a black 2018 488 Coupe. We're told Pusha paid about $320k for his and Steven plunked down $300k.

The fellas took their Ferraris to get tinted afterward at The Art of Tint in Brooklyn.

We're told the new car purchases were made to celebrate Pusha's smash hit album, Daytona, and his upcoming tour.