Julia Louis-Dreyfus Beaching Vacay After Cancer Treatment

7/9/2018 7:17 AM PDT

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Vacations in Hawaii, Looks Great After Cancer Treatment

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is getting some well-deserved R&R -- months after completing her cancer treatments -- and looks like she's ready to bust out the Elaine dance any day now.

Julia and her husband, Brad Hall, are vacationing in Hawaii. The "Veep" and "Seinfeld" star is rocking a bikini that shows how fit she is on the heels of chemotherapy.

As we reported, she announced she had breast cancer last September, and completed her last round of chemo in January.

The couple's been exploring the island of Lanai with friends ... hiking and just hanging out at the beach. Their vacay proves Julia's bouncing back strong, and you can tell she's excited about it.

She's been posting photos and videos during the trip. Like we said, haven't seen the Elaine dance yet, but she's close.