Amazon Prime Day Sale Crashes Site ... The Dogs of Disappointment

7/16/2018 2:22 PM PDT

Amazon's Prime Day Sale Crashes Site, Dog Lovers Rejoice

Someone's gotta be in Jeff Bezos' doghouse right now with Amazon's huge Prime Day sale crashing the retail giant's website, and the only people who might be celebrating are dog lovers. 

The annual event was doomed right off the bat -- as soon as it started at noon Pacific Time, users attempting to find big bargains, were instead met with error messages due to the site crash. Gotta hand it to Amazon though, because they programmed the error messages to include pics of cute pooches.

Nothing soothes the soul like man's best friend.

Amazon says it's working on fixing the problem, and some users are able to shop now. So, in case you miss the pups, or just need something to make ya smile ... check out these Prime Day doggies.