President Trump Putin 'Love Story' Plays Out in NYT 'Toon

7/16/2018 7:35 AM PDT

President Trump & Putin 'Love Story' Cartoon Stirs Controversy

Presidents Trump and Putin got a thing going on ... a love thing, if ya buy into the satirical cartoon The New York Times just released, which is already stirring a ton of controversy.

"Trump and Putin: A Love Story" uses real soundbites from POTUS and puts them over images of the leaders on a date -- cruising in a car and riding a unicorn surrounded by rainbows and hearts. 

Their rendezvous takes a TV-MA turn, though -- Trump tweaks Putin's nipples, they make out and, finally ... there's some intense tongue wrestling. 

Some people think the whole thing is extremely homophobic, and others see it as hilarious. 

So, we gotta ask ...