Tyga Gives Wiz the Asian Stamp of Approval For Korean Eyes Lyric

7/18/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Tyga's Cool with Wiz Khalifa's 'Eyes Lookin' Korean' Lyric


Tyga might not be the first person who comes to mind for settling hot-button racial debates, but in the case of Wiz Khalifa's controversial new song, the rapper's opinion matters ... and he sides with Wiz.

We got Tyga -- who's of Vietnamese descent -- leaving Il Pastaio in Bev Hills Tuesday, and asked if he felt Wiz should apologize for the lyric in his new track, "Hot Now," that's pissing a lot of people off ... "Smoke got my eyes lookin' Korean."

Tyga tells us -- as an Asian himself -- he doesn't see anything wrong with it. Not sure if everyone will agree, but it certainly gives Khalifa some validation.

So, if you're holding your breath for an apology ... don't.