Jay-Z & Beyonce Get Standing O Leaving Dinner And a Hug Goodbye for Jay

7/23/2018 6:26 PM PDT

Jay-Z and Beyonce Get Standing Ovation Leaving Restaurant in Italy


Jay-Z and Beyonce are doing it big in Europe, and the locals have certainly noticed when they're around ... just ask these folks who got on their feet when the couple left dinner.

Bey and Jay were dining at a restaurant called Aurora in Capri Monday night, and they got a standing ovation and major round of applause as they were exiting. We're told the owner saw them out personally, and it looks like she snuck in a hug on Jay. 

He was clearly going for a high five or handshake, but hey ... shoot your shot, lady. Also, it's Italy ... everyone's hugging and kissing each other hello and goodbye all the time. 

Buona notte, Carters.