Sacha Baron Cohen Sends Surprise Crappy Gift To Duped Art Dealer

7/26/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Sacha Baron Cohen Sends 'Who Is America?' Art Dealer a Letter and Gift


Sacha Baron Cohen doesn't dupe and ditch when it comes to the art dealer he made look foolish on his show, "Who Is America?" -- instead he sent her some real sh***y art.

Christy Cones is the art expert at Laguna Beach's Coast Gallery who met with Cohen's ex-con character, Rick Sherman, in the premiere episode. She tells us, Cohen sent the now infamous portrait of her, sketched out of feces. He also included a letter from "Rick."

In the letter, he explains what happened to the fecal (not really, we hope) art piece, and includes a pretty funny update on his life.

"Catharsis on Christy" is now back in her possession, and Coast Gallery's slapped a $1 million price tag on it, so if you're in the market ... this should deuce.

Cones says, since her appearance on Cohen's show, the gallery's had a big uptick in visitors, and a much-less-desired increase in people sending pubic hair.

If you don't know why ... check out Christy's appearance on the premiere episode.