Sacha Baron Cohen GA State Rep. Spencer Resigns After Humiliating Prank

7/25/2018 7:25 AM PDT

Sacha Baron Cohen Prank Forces Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer to Resign

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Sacha Baron Cohen has taken down his first politician ... Georgia lawmaker Jason Spencer is stepping down after showing his bare ass and yelling the n-word on Cohen's show.

The Republican state assemblyman initially said he would not resign, but bowed to pressure from other state lawmakers who threatened a special session to oust him if he didn't quit.

Spencer embarrassed the hell out of himself on Sunday's episode of "Who Is America?" when he appeared in a segment where Cohen pretended to be an ex-Israeli military officer offering anti-terrorism training. Spencer repeatedly yelled, "N***er!!" as a way to attract attention during an attack ... and also dropped his pants to weaponize homophobia. Yeah, it was freakin' bizarre.

The assemblyman said Cohen took advantage of his "paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked."

Spencer will step down at the end of July.