Lindsay Lohan Reality Show That's a Wrap ... On My Ankle!!!

7/30/2018 2:48 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan Injures Foot While 'Beach Club' Reality Show Shoots

Lindsay Lohan's new reality show with MTV is already hobbled -- 'cause its star is nursing a bum wheel.

Lindsay was in Mykonos, Greece Monday with a large brace wrapped around her right ankle and foot. It's unclear if she injured herself while filming "Lohan Beach Club" -- the new reality show MTV just announced.  

Either way, LiLo doesn't look too comfortable with the foot gear. Hard to tell if or how this might affect production on her reality show. So far, so good ... camera crews were still front and center as she made her way around the club.

Also interesting ... Linds seemed to be walking around just fine in the newly released promo for the show -- which makes us think the injury is recent, and will probably (most definitely) be included as a plot point in at least one of the episodes.

The show will follow Lindsay as she runs her club in Mykonos. Looks like she'll be limping into the office for a while.