Black Panther's Denzel Whitaker R&B IS Whitewashed ... I Blame Capitalism!!

8/9/2018 7:49 AM PDT

'Black Panther' Actor Denzel Whitaker Says Whitewashed R&B is Just Capitalism


"Black Panther" actor Denzel Whitaker isn't the least bit shocked white R&B singers are thriving more than their black counterparts -- 'cause Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry.

We got Denzel leaving Chateau Marmont Wednesday night, and got his take on Eric Benet's theory ... that black R&B singers aren't getting the same shine.

It immediately reminded Denzel of Berry's situation. He thinks the record biz took the easiest route to the most dollars -- aka capitalism -- and that's the only reason Chuck isn't The King.

Bottom line is, he agrees with Benet --- it's happening all over again.