'The Ordinary Spaceman' Not 'Star Wars,' But Space Force has Potential

8/10/2018 9:45 AM PDT

NASA Astronaut Clayton Anderson Sees Potential in Donald Trump's Space Force


If the idea of a U.S. Space Force triggers visions of spacecrafts engaging in intergalactic battles and missions, you might have watched too many 'Star Wars' films ... so says former NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson.

Anderson wants to learn more about President Trump's Space Force -- which could be established as soon as 2020 -- but tells us he sees the realistic benefits from the proposed 6th branch of the military ... just not as an outrageous plot from a Hollywood movie script. 

This guy knows what he's talking about ... Anderson was an Astronaut for 15 years, spent 167 days in space and went on 6 spacewalks.

Anderson sees a potential Space Force as a means to protect U.S. military assets on Earth and in orbit. Clayton and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson both agree it's not a crazy idea.

Just take it easy on the X-wing dreams, folks.