Vivica A. Fox Me? Play Omarosa?! Oma-Goodness, No!!

8/20/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Vivica A. Fox Disgusted at Suggestion She Could Play Omarosa in Biopic


Vivica A. Fox damn near choked on the word "No" when our camera guy told her she could play Omarosa in a movie, making it crystal clear -- not a fan.

We got Vivica A. at LAX where our photog mustered the strength to say she resembles President Trump's friend-turned-foe. The idea of playing Omarosa made her recoil. Our bad.

Of course, an Omarosa biopic hinges on how well her tell-all book sells. Vivica says if it flops, O's gotta ride off into the sunset -- on a donkey ... 'cause she attached herself to an ass.