Trippie Redd Don't Trip ... It's Just My New Grill!!!

8/27/2018 1:26 PM PDT

Trippie Redd Drops $50k on Diamond Grill


Trippie Redd's mouth is drippin' in diamonds ... 'cause he just dropped $50k for a smile on the rocks. 

The rapper put his money where his mouth is -- LITERALLY -- with this one-of-a-kind grill from celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang

Check out the VVS blue diamonds, 10 carat diamonds made in white gold and the flawless white diamonds making Trippie's favorite no. 14 shine like the sun.  

Now THAT's trippy.

Yeah, he already has an iced-out chain ... but what's that without a grill???

Trippie definitely went to the right guy ... 'cause Johnny previously delivered some SERIOUS BLING earlier this month for Lil Pump.

Yes, it's still summer outside, but Trippie's mouth will keep him ice cold. 

Hey Trippie, smile for the camera (no flash needed)!!!