'Big Brother' Eviction Speech Scottie Gets Smutty ... CBS Censors Crass Oral Sex Crack

9/7/2018 9:51 AM PDT

'Big Brother' Houseguest Scottie Censored for Making Lewd Oral Sex Joke

A houseguest on "Big Brother" used his eviction speech to tell everyone to "suck it" ... then strongly suggested there's already some sucking going on.

Scottie got evicted from the 'BB' house Thursday night, but not before he made multiple comments that warranted CBS censorship ... including a vulgar joke about the "showmance" between Tyler and Angela.

The audio didn't air live, but 'BB' sleuths were easily able to find out what Scottie said and add captioning ... which reveals his comments insinuating Tyler is receiving oral sex from Angela.

Scottie tells Tyler, "You've been getting Hilton Head" ... clearly a sexual pun reference to the town in South Carolina where both Tyler and Angela hail from.

Scottie was already evicted before this season, but won his way back only to be booted again. And, according to 'BB' insiders ... Angela's very upset by his parting shot at her, which many fans agree is incredibly disrespectful and even misogynistic.

Controversies have been par for the course this season on the hit reality show, with multiple houseguests making racist comments and even cries of sexual misconduct.

And there are still a few weeks left.