Burt Reynolds Mustaches, Cowboy Hats, Trans Ams Look-Alikes to Honor Actor

9/7/2018 10:42 AM PDT

Burt Reynolds Look-Alikes to Compete For Best 'Bandit' Costume

Exclusive Details

Hundreds of Burt Reynolds look-alikes will flood the streets of Long Island this month for a car show honoring the late actor ... and the best impersonator wins a big ass trophy!!!

We're told Burt was invited to the Motor Mania Long Island Auto Expo, but he couldn't travel because of his health. After the actor passed away Thursday of a heart attack, the auto show organizers decided they'll honor Burt with a theme and costume contest.

Butch Yamali, the owner of the expo, tells us he saw Burt in May at a Florida auction for the Trans Am from Burt's personal collection, and that's when he extended the invite. Burt initially said yes.

Now, the car show has its first ever theme and costume contest in honor of Burt.  

Cowboy hats, mustaches, red shirts and Trans Ams will be out in full force as event organizers search for the best Reynolds impersonator from his role in "Smokey and the Bandit."

There's another trophy for the car that's closest to the 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from the film. 

We're told the car show is reaching out to Burt's family and living 'Bandit' castmembers for personal invites.

The annual show, which usually draws 10k-15k people, is set for September 29-30.