Chris Hemsworth My Dream House ... Is My Neighbors' Nightmare

9/25/2018 6:49 AM PDT

Chris Hemsworth Building Massive Property in Australia, But Is It Too Big?

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are building a monstrosity of a home in Australia ... and the massive building is pissing off tons of people who say it's totally out of place and looks more like a shopping mall. 

You can judge for yourself ... but it's easy to see why the Internet is going crazy over Thor's new fortress. There are endless amounts of concrete, a huge chunk of forest missing and it dwarfs everything else in Byron Bay. 

Chris and Elsa have been building their dream house for nearly a year -- they've reportedly poured $8 million into the project -- but the colossal compound has become a nightmare for neighbors. 

The sprawling estate is expected to feature a huge swimming pool, steam room, gym and a luxury spa. All it's missing is a moat. 

Of course, Chris and Elsa probably won't be bothered by residents' concerns ... they won't be able to see or hear 'em from inside the castle walls.