Desiigner Hey Guys, Never Ever Fly SAS Again!!! ... They Put Hands on Me

10/2/2018 11:45 AM PDT

Desiigner Calls for Boycott of Scandinavian Airlines After Getting Banned

Desiigner says he was kicked off a plane in Europe after a flight attendant allegedly put her hands on him -- and he's now calling for a full-on boycott of the airline ... claiming the whole ordeal was racially motivated. 

The NYC rapper posted a series of videos Tuesday explaining a run-in he had on Scandinavian Airlines Monday night, where he says an older female flight attendant got touchy with him -- which caused him to "spazz" out on her and get booted from the flight.

He also says he was banned from SAS for a whole year, and goes on to call on his fans to avoid flying with them in the aftermath. Desiigner basically chalks it up to flying while black ... we'll let him explain.

As for the airline ... a rep for SAS tells us something did go down Monday night, but wouldn't elaborate beyond saying some passengers behaved in a threatening manner toward the crew, adding such behavior is unacceptable and that safety is their first priority.

They did not name Desiigner in their statement.