'Ray Donovan' Star Pooch Hall Charged with Child Abuse & DUI

10/24/2018 3:03 PM PDT

'Ray Donovan' Star Pooch Hall Charged with Child Abuse, DUI


"Ray Donovan" star Marion "Pooch" Hall has just been criminally charged with felony child abuse and DUI ... this for driving totally wasted and letting his 2-year-old son take the wheel.

TMZ broke the story ... Hall was arrested earlier this month in Burbank after a witness saw him driving with his toddler in his lap, holding the steering wheel.

The boy was not strapped in -- in fact, the child car seat was sitting unattached in the back seat. The car veered off and smashed into a parked car. Remarkably ... no one was injured, although the child dissolved into tears.

Hall blew a .25 ... more than 3 times the legal limit.

Hall now faces a maximum of 6 years and 6 months in prison.

As for his son ... he's in the custody of Hall's wife, along with their other children.