CNCO Get The Beatles Treatment Swarmed by Female Fans!!!

10/25/2018 7:14 AM PDT

CNCO Members Treated Like The Beatles in L.A., Swarmed by Girls


Every now and then a new boy band reminds us of Paul, John, Ringo and George -- and Latin quintet CNCO is getting closer to the Fab 4 ... at least in the handsy chicks department.

We got CNCO leaving Go Greek Yogurt in Bev Hills Wednesday, where they were greeted by throngs of squealing female fans and, amazingly, the fellas tried really hard to hug and take selfies with each of them as they tried to make it to their vehicles.

Gotta hand it to their fans ... they're dedicated. One girl said the hell with selfies, and just went in for kisses on each of the five guys. They didn't seem to mind at all. The scene was pretty wild and, yeah ... kinda reminiscent of Beatlemania.

If you're unfamiliar ... the Miami group was formed during the first season of Ricky Martin's Spanish singing competition show, "La Banda," in 2015. They've been cranking out hit tunes for a while now, and this year they've even crossed over onto Billboard's Top 40 chart. 

As for the ladies ... parece que si se vuelven locas.