'Party Down South' Star Busted for Punching In-Law (Yes, That's a Crime)

10/25/2018 12:30 AM PDT

'Party Down South' Star Taylor Wright Arrested for Punching Mother-In-Law


Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright is in a little bit of legal and family trouble after getting arrested for clocking her mother-in-law ... TMZ has learned. 

The former "Party Down South" star was pretty smiley in the mug shot snapped after Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies hauled her in Monday in North Carolina. Cops tell us she was busted at her home on a warrant issued in Virginia ... and related to an alleged family dust-up back in June.  

Law enforcement sources say Taylor allegedly punched her mother-in-law in the eye during an argument that actually started with her husband, Jake Mapp. He told police he'd gone to his parents' house to cool down, but Taylor followed him and ended up punching his mother.

We're told Jake's mom didn't press charges at the time, but she must have been stewing over the incident. Last week she went to police, filed a report and the warrant was issued. 

Taylor tells us she recently left Jake. She claims his mom only went to cops out of revenge. She also claims she was defending herself during the altercation, and accidentally hit her mother-in-law.