Kris Jenner Buy My Son's Socks ... He Needs The Ca$h

11/15/2018 11:43 AM PST

Kris Jenner Promoting Rob Kardashian's Sock Company In Midst Of His Child Support War

Kris Jenner is swooping in to help Rob Kardashian make a quick buck off the holiday shopping season, plugging her son's sock line after he filed docs to have his child support payments to Blac Chyna lessened. 

Kris and Rob unleashed a social media ad blitz Thursday, promoting a line of Christmas-themed socks that were just released by Arthur George, the clothing company Kris just bought a stake in. 

It's funny ... the socks read, "Let's Get Baked," and Kris is calling them the perfect holiday gift. We can think of a few meanings for the phrase, and at least one belongs on the naughty list. 

Rob followed Mom's lead and plugged the socks on his Twitter. 

Kris and Rob teaming up to sell socks comes days after Rob went to court seeking to get a reduction in child support payments to Chyna ... he said he was basically broke after previously agreeing to pay Chyna $20,000 a month to support 2-year-old Dream.

We're told a judge is evaluating Rob's and Chyna's resources and has suspended Rob's entire obligation to pay any child support ... so this new deal with Kris could eventually play a role in the couple's ongoing child support war.