TOMS Shoes Founder Most Americans Back Our Gun Safety Plan ... Most NRA Members Do Too

11/28/2018 3:43 PM PST

TOMS Shoes Founder Blake Mycoskie Lays Out Path to Gun Reform, Says NRA Can Help


TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie knows 90% of Americans want what he does when it comes to gun reform, but what might surprise you is he says a majority of NRA members also back his plan.

Blake was on TMZ Live Wednesday when he told us he's planning to hit up NRA leaders about his initiative to get Congress to enact universal background checks for all gun purchases. He told us the vast majority of the NRA's rank and file members support it ... so he's hoping the org gets on board with his "End Gun Violence Together" campaign.

Blake has said the Thousand Oaks bar mass shooting sparked his company's interest in taking a stand. He kicked things into high gear last week announcing on 'The Tonight Show' that TOMS will donate $5 million to several organizations working to end gun violence.  

He's proudly touting, and rightfully so, the technology on that makes it simpler than ever to mail a postcard to your elected officials, demanding they back universal background checks.

As for getting the NRA's support -- he explained why it could be a huge win-win for gun owners and the country, as a whole.