Tekashi69 Freaks Out After Music Video Shooting Tell Cops I'm Not Here!!!

12/23/2018 1:00 AM PST

Tekashi69 Freaks Out on Tape After Music Video Shooting


Tekashi69 was scared outta his mind after a shooting on the set of his music video ... but it had nothing to do with getting hit by bullets and everything to do with legal ramifications.

TMZ's obtained footage taken moments after 2 gunmen opened fire on the Beverly Hills mansion last November where Tekashi and Kanye West were set to film a music video. It's hard to see, but pay close attention to what you hear -- Tekashi desperately wanting to leave ... fearing his mere presence at the scene would put his then-newfound freedom in serious jeopardy.

You hear cops explain they found a 9mm and rifle rounds in the alley. They also explain how the house was intentionally targeted before saying they need to ID everyone. That's when you hear Tekashi -- sitting inside an SUV -- say, "ID me? I can't ... I'm on probation ... tell [the cops] I'm not here."

Tekashi's handler is also heard assuring Tekashi, word will NOT get out he was there. Remember ... the shooting went down just 2 weeks AFTER the rapper caught a huge break, when he was sentenced to 4 years probation in his child sex case.

As part of the deal, Tekashi was ordered to avoid all gang activity. The shooting, coupled with Tekashi at the scene, was a terrible look.

As it turned out, Tekashi's real problems started 9 days after the shooting ... when he was arrested by the feds on racketeering charges. He now faces life in prison.