MJ Accuser Wade Robson 'Leaving Neverland' Not Meant to Mute Michael

1/24/2019 6:36 AM PST

Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson, 'Leaving Neverland' is About Survivors


Wade Robson, the man featured in the upcoming Michael Jackson documentary, "Leaving Neverland," says his endgame is not necessarily to mute MJ.

We got Robson at LAX Thursday AM and asked him about the film that will make its debut Friday at the Sundance Film Festival. He says the reason he got involved goes beyond his allegations against the singer ... he says the point is to raise awareness. 

Robson along with James Safechuck are the centerpieces of the doc. Both men say MJ befriended them as children and molested them.  

The MJ Estate has gone on the attack, calling both men liars, but Robson says he doesn't care.

As for whether Michael Jackson should be in the same boat as R. Kelly ... well, watch the clip.