Cardi B & Offset Get Freaky on Valentine's Day ... Our Love's the S***!!!

2/15/2019 8:17 AM PST

Cardi B Shares 'Freaky' Valentine's Day Plans with Offset

Offset spoiled Cardi B on Valentine's Day with lobster, steak, champagne and diamonds -- but he also spoiled her attempt to drop a deuce! Yep, love stinks.

The Migos rapper spared no expense Thursday night, showering Cardi with TONS of gifts and romantic gestures. Fresh outta the doghouse ... Offset set up a candlelit bathtub session, and had his wife dripping in diamonds -- practically from head to toe.

But, the highlight of the night was Offset busting into the bathroom while Cardi attempted to, ummm ... clear the decks. Offset made it clear ... there was more than love in the air at that moment.

Check out the vid, 'cause in the end ... everything ended up exactly as you'd think.

The rappers hit up a strip club for some more booty action. It's kinda their thing.