Ja Rule Andy King's Getting Jobs ... Finally, Some Good Out of Fyre!!!

2/20/2019 7:57 AM PST

Ja Rule Says Andy King Deserves New TV Gigs After Fyre Festival Disaster

Ja Rule's found a couple of Fyre Fest silver linings -- one involving event planner Andy King, who famously offered oral sex for crates of Evian, and the other has to do with Ja's business sense.

The rapper was at Newark Airport when Adam Glyn asked him if he had any insight on the infamous scene in Netflix's "Fyre" documentary ... where Andy King admitted he nearly took one for the team as the festival was imploding. 

Ja says he knew nothing about that happening at the time, but he was grinning from ear to ear after hearing Andy has now made a name for himself.

In fact, Ja Rule says even though he hasn't seen the Netflix doc, he'd love to see more good come out of it. 

Check out the clip ... the rapper -- who BTW is still feeling the Fyre -- says he learned a lot from the experience and even offers young visionaries and entrepreneurs some sage advice.