Rep. Tlaib on Rep. Omar No Folks, She's Not an Anti-Semite ... Pelosi's 'Resolution' is Odd

3/5/2019 6:30 PM PST

Rep. Tlaib Says Rep. Omar Isn't Anti-Semitic, Questions Pelosi's Resolution


Rep. Rashida Tlaib is doubling down on supporting Rep. Ilhan Omar, saying she isn't anti-Semitic ... and raising an eyebrow at how their party's handling such accusations.

We got the Michigan Congresswoman leaving Reagan National Airport Tuesday, one day ahead of Nancy Pelosi's expected introduction of a resolution denouncing anti-Semitism.

Tlaib calls the Speaker's move "unprecedented" -- suggesting the resolution is exactly what many have called it ... a very public rebuke of Rep. Omar for her comments about Israel and Palestine.

Omar has been very vocal in her defense of Palestine. She suggested Jewish-American politicians have dual loyalties when discussing the topic -- and saying debate and criticism of Israel is often dismissed with accusations of anti-Semitism.

Rep. Tlaib tells us it's obvious "we all very much oppose all forms of hate." Her point seems to be there's NO other reason for Pelosi's resolution than chastising Rep. Omar ... even though Pelosi's measure makes no mention of Omar's name.

Tlaib urged all Americans to watch Rep. Omar's remarks and judge for themselves. 

We also got "Arrested Development" star Alia Shawkat in L.A. Tuesday ... and she too told us why she's standing with the embattled Rep. from Minnesota.