Elizabeth Warren Campaign Trail's Got Me Energized ... I Can Run For Anything

3/25/2019 6:04 PM PDT

Elizabeth Warren's Energized by Campaign Trail, Runs to Catch Train


Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in great shape to run ... and not just for President in 2020.

Senator Warren bolted through NYC's Penn Station Monday afternoon trying to catch a train -- even as reporter Adam Glyn tried to fire off a question -- and as you can see and hear in this video, she not only outran the much-younger Glyn ... she wasn't out of breath when he finally caught up to her!

The candidate was pretty chill while talking about Robert Mueller's report and how it's playing on the campaign trail.

You can't say she's not totally energized, physically and mentally -- the 69-year-old Senator deserve props for running through the crowd like Usain Bolt and not seeming the least bit winded. 

Check out the clip ... it's impressive, and yeah ... ya might wanna go for a run.