Lori Loughlin What, Me Worry?!? ... Out and About with Daughter

4/6/2019 7:12 AM PDT

Lori Loughlin and Daughter Isabella Shopping During College Admission Scandal

Lori Loughlin looked like she didn't have a care in the world as she yukked it up with her daughter, Isabella, Friday afternoon, but there's no doubt this is all for the sake of appearance.

Lori and Isabella were out and about in Bev Hills and were all smiles and laughs as they waited for the valet to bring their car around.

It's anything but a fun time in their lives these days. Lori and hubby Mossimo Giannulli face felony charges for allegedly paying a $500k bribe to get Isabella and Olivia Jade into USC by hook or crook.

Prosecution sources tell TMZ, any plea bargain they strike will have a prison recommendation attached, although it's ultimately up to the judge.

Olivia Jade, who clearly didn't really want to go to college, reportedly isn't speaking to her parents she's so pissed off and distraught over the whole mess. 

We haven't seen Olivia Jade with her parents since the scandal broke last month. There are 50 indictments and counting.