R. Kelly Makes Club Appearance Sings 'Bump N' Grind' w/ Crowd

4/7/2019 12:23 PM PDT

R. Kelly Makes Paid Club Appearance, Performs 'Bump N' Grind'

12:23 PM PT -- Turns out, R. Kelly DID perform Saturday night during his paid club appearance in Springfield, Illinois. He briefly sang the opening line to his hit "Bump N' Grind" to a very accepting crowd ... which we're told comprised of no more than about 50 people tops. 

In fact, sources on the ground tell us R. Kelly's gig appeared to come together in an odd and somewhat ragtag fashion. First off, Kelly was supposed to perform at the Spring Break Jam festival at the nearby Illinois State Fairgrounds Saturday night ... just a stone's throw away from the Dirty South Lounge where R. Kelly showed up. He was included in a flyer for the Spring Break gig back in December but was removed from the lineup in January when s*** hit the fan for him.

It seems like this appearance he did at Dirty South was either already lined up or came together after the fact. Nonetheless, we're told the Spring Break Jam folks were continuing to sell tickets at the Fairgrounds itself for R. Kelly's appearance after the show ... even though he wasn't officially a part of their concert anymore.

Our sources say R. Kelly tickets were initially being hawked for $100 a pop Saturday night but were later dropped in price to $50 as a way to get more people to come to Dirty South. 

Like we said, no more than about a few dozen heads showed out for R. Kelly ... but they were treated to an up close and personal performance when he finally emerged around 2 AM. 

R. Kelly came out of hiding Saturday and made a club appearance.

The embattled singer showed up at Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois Saturday night/Sunday Morning. He didn't perform but talked to the patrons. Some of them even hugged him and took selfies.

Kelly even pulled out a stogie as he interacted with the crowd.

R. Kelly went on Instagram Saturday, knowing he would make the club appearance, and asked the media to take it easy on him ... fact is, appearances are one of the few ways he can make money at the moment. We don't know how much was paid for the appearance.

As for why he went on Insta, Kelly is struggling to pay child support to his ex-wife, Drea Kelly. He was jailed briefly for the delinquency but released after a friend ponied up the dough.  

As you know, R. Kelly is going to stand trial for 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse involving underage girls. There are ongoing investigations and additional charges could be filed. The Cook County State's Attorney is in possession of additional videos that allegedly show R. Kelly having sex with at least one underage girl. 

Originally Published -- 7:39 AM PT